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Calico Archipelago is the final evolution of starter-type Tabbypole. When its middle-evolution, Tidalpole, reaches adulthood, the creature completes its transition into its final form. Greatly increasing in size, the creature now hosts small ecosystems on its back. With tiny trees sprouting upon its islands, Calico Archipelago develops an immunity to plant-based attacks. Calico Archipelago is pictured here with a boat piloted by a particularly miniscule and unfortunate Puug.
3 days until the Capture Creatures Gallery Show at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles, CA! On June 1st from 7pm there will be us and music and snacks and all 151 paintings and a few that have never, ever been seen before!
We are also over 2/3rds of the way there in the Capture Creatures Kickstarter. Go ahead and grab a copy of the book (and perhaps a copy of Exquisite Beast and Midnite Surprise Vol. 2 on our first combo Kickstarter!)

A Dragon, feeling cold in his own cave… What a strange world this is. Mother Nature gives you life just that so you could be cold. Winter Dragons scales are thicker, but the cold from inside still holds. That’s why I cannot live alone. I need a nother dragon to bring the flame from my heart back. I feel alone… I am left alone this cold winters evening… If only I could go outside and fly somewhere, where there’s a lot of fellow minders. Fly to a place that I could be inflemed by my Alpha. But a force-field is blocking me from him. That’s why my heart is cold now. I hope that the summers Sun will break that shield and that the eternal flame could once again burn inside of me. But the more I get restrained from him, the more pittyful I become. I become happy and energetic just from the felt of his golden scales… And as I asume, that doesn’t amuse him. He just tells me to wait, but for how long can a dragon, an all getting dragon, wait? Wait for something that is so simple and at the same time so difficult to come into reality? 

I remember those days, when I could just simply talk to him for a second and he would automatically stay in my cave for days. Now it’s another time. There is a force, that keeps him away from me. A force that he could easily break, but he chooses not to. For this, he has to WANT to break it. And as I seen, my feelings for him is no reasson for him to break it.Sometimes I wonder, does he really understand who I am… Does he understand the meaning of us being together… For some reason, I don’t think he does…

Because of what I’ve seen so far, he still thinks, that he is a simple mortal and all of this Alpha Dragon thing is just a hoax, something from my imagination and just a simple puny joke… But it isn’t. It never was. My life is under his hand. I just hope that he understands the real meaning of what power he holds. because if he doesn’t, then I’ll die and so will the dragons…

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I really, really, really love this one… Oh to have a dragon of my own…
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Wars Dragons
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My dragons for my Daenerys Targaryen cosplay for Ottawa Comic Con
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Two of my favorite things: dragons and rainbows.
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Day 10 honestly this is one seriously epic dragon :D 
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